The Team

Sam Giffin, Producer/Director/Editor

Sam Giffin's first film came in the form of a carefully composed mix tape, played along side ski highlights of his brother and friends. Pressing record on both devices at the same time, he shared their adventures around town--unknowing this would become his career.  An apprenticeship under the friend and found of R.O.B., Ryan Fenson-Hood, led Sam to take a humanistic approach in his action sports films--always striving to find a story.  This, combined with his ability to find great collaborators, has sent Sam's first films soaring through the mountain film festival circuit.  He has worked with a range of clients including Outdoor Research, Atomic Skis, United Professionals Martial Arts Association, Studio 411 (LA), Deschutes Brewery, and Clif Bar. 


Zack Giffin, Producer/Athlete/TinyHouseGuy

Tiny House Builder, Master-Carpenter, Pro Skier, Zack is one of the original brothers in the crew.  Often getting his hands in every aspect of the company (and at very least, his opinions) Zack makes sure R.O.B. stays on the cutting edge of film and marketing creativity.

Jeff Giffin, Founder/Athlete/Inventor

Jeff started the Right On Brother film company in high school with great friends Ryan Fenson-Hood and Paul Bauman.  While his time these days is mostly consumed, converting UBC's energy systems into renewable sources, he is always an advisor/overseer of R.O.B. projects.  

Ryan Fenson-Hood, Founder/Writer/Director/Editor

Ryan Fenson-Hood is a writer, director, and editor whose work has shown on The Sundance Channel, in dozens of film festivals, on DVD and on Netflix. his "Best Documentary" win at the 2009 Zurich Film Festival launched a commercial writing and directing career that evolved into Cinomadic, an NYC-based creative and production house co-founded by Bill Mack in 2011.


Julien Scherliss, Director/Editor/VFX

Based in Bellingham Washington, Julien solves the towns problems on a daily basis when it comes to video editing and VFX.  With a background working in L.A. for The Game Show Network (GSN), amongst others, he brings a level of professionalism to our team, and our local film community, that is hard to find. 

Dylan Hart, Photographer/Cinematographer

Dylan graduated from Fairhaven college (WWU) with a degree in photo journalism.  His photos have been featured in major publications such as FREQUENCY and SNOWBOARDER MAGAZINE, and his footage has filled the screens of top mountain film festivals including Banff, Kendal, and Graz.  Today, he continues to carve a path with us through this steep and deep film industry here in Bellingham, Washington.